Beginner is a word which tags a person with a mark of inexperience in case of writing. But a greenhorn also needs to earn his crown. If we talk about experience, it is a quality that can’t be purchased or downloaded from torrent. Experience is the only thing along with happiness  that increases by sharing. So  what to do to earn it instantly -There is no  instant mantra but a Sanjeevani. Many of you will not consider it a sanjeevani but a time spending habit that changes with time. Do you know what it is ?

let us talk more on it. We all know that Great Legendry writers of the past used to consume entire energy , both positive and negative ,  of the cosmos and then deliver it in their works. They had the ability to visualise the objects that dont even exist.But talking of begginers like us , excluding some that are “born writers” and if they even write a letter for application asking for leave , that will also be very poetic and mesmerising. But many of us dont fall under that category. If we use our entire range of imagination and visualisation , and even choose the most trending topic to write on , say the effects of war on mankind , then also we will end up with two lines about Hitler,  U.N , three on America and if a Gandhian – a para or six on Gandhi ! So here comes the sanjeevani that is not hidden in the Himalayas but is available on every railway station platform. YES , I am talking about the book stalls. They are the life source for beginners like me. As I wrote above  some will consider it their bedtime habit. Now after reading this , just read ” keeping quiet ” by Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda .  Many of you must have read it and now will understand why I gave the above examples.  You will not find even a tinge of Hitler or U.N or any mortal example In it. The words are straight from nature. We modern writer lack this quality and need that Sanjeevani that Great writers like Shakespeare , Munshi Premchand , Firak Gorakhpuria , Pablo Neruda ,  Rudyard Kipling , Paulo Coelho and many more have left for us , so that we can also be listed in the same category by our future generations. So make a promise to read   a writing even a short story by Ruskin Bond once a week even if you are a science student.

So my first blog on wordpress was dedicated to these legends.

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